We all know how traumatic hair loss can be, so making the fitting for wigs and systems successful from the beginning is essential. Avoid the unnecessary frustration by learning how to properly measure a head.

  • Hold measuring tape at front hairline
  • Establish "top of head point" by measuring 7" back from front hairline
  • Hold measuring tape at front hairline
  • Follow hairline circumference to base of hairline at nape
  • Hold measuring tape at HAIRLINE at top of ear
  • Follow a straight line down center of head, ending at hairline at nape
  • Continue around head back up to front starting point
  • Measure across "top of head point", continue down to hairline at top of opposite ear

Choose your size from the chart below:

Size  Circumference Ear to Ear Front to Back
Child / Ultra Petite 20" 12" 12"
Petite 21" 13" 13.25"
Petite / Average 21.25" 13.25" 13.75"
Average 21.5" 13.5" 14.25"
Average / Large 22.25" 13.75" 14.75"
Large 23" 14" 15.5"
Note: Different manufacturers use different measurements for their sizing.
Most wigs have adjustable tabs to allow cap adjustments for about 1" so that you have a comfortable and secure fit.