Since the 1980s the Jon Renau brand of wigs has made a name for itself when it comes to high-quality, luxurious, and stylish wig options for women. Known for offering a broad range of colors and styles, the Jon Renau Wig Collection includes both synthetic and human hair wigs for the modern woman. 

At Women’s Wig Shop, we love offering our customers hand-woven, lace-front wigs that come in a versatile array of styles and color stories. We know how important it is for women to change up their looks from day to night and from work to pleasure easily. That’s why our specialists in women’s wigs have chosen some of our favorite pieces from the Jon Renau Wig Collection for our readers. 

Why Choose a Jon Renau Wig

With over 1,500 wigs including hair extensions, hair pieces, headwear, and hair care products, the Jon Renau Wig Collection offers the potential to invest in tried and true wigs you’ll use every single day along with pieces you’ll want to save for special occasions. 

When it comes to the Jon Renau brand, there are several features that stand out to anyone who is a wig connoisseur.  Most notable are the innovative designs of Jon Renau’s SmartLace™ collection. Known for their exceptional comfort and a discrete lace front that is naturally hidden along the hairline, Jon Renau’s SmartLace™ wigs will look like your real hair. 

Tied by hand by carefully and delicately weaving each individual hair strand through the lace mesh cap, this technique in wig-making allows hair to fall naturally away from the face. This means you won’t get those wacky pieces of hair that look unnatural or need to be pinned back like some lesser-quality wig designs. 

With versatility as well as ease in mind, the Jon Renau Wig Collection is worthy of the praise often received by the brand. 

Build a Color Story with the Jon Renau Wig Collection

One of the hallmarks of the Jon Renau Wig Collection is its ability to offer high-quality wigs in a wide range of colors. The natural-looking highlights and lowlights create depth and texture, with some of the rooted wigs giving the extra emphasis of a genuine-looking root that blends into the color. 

Let’s look at some of the best Jon Renau wigs in a variety of our favorite color choices. 

The Carrie Wig in Fudgsicle 

Made of the finest strands of Remy human hair, the Carrie Hand Tied Human Hair Wig from the Jon Renau Wig Collection is a stylish, soft, and shiny bob. It’s available in a wealth of different color choices, but the dark brown color of Fudgsicle really stands out as a wig that will impress. This high-quality, full-cap, mono-style wig is the perfect choice if you want a discreet way to be stylish without people knowing you’re wearing a wig at all. This rich dark brown with cocoa and auburn undertones gives new meaning to becoming a brunette bombshell. 

The Mariska Wig in Chocolate Cherry 

The SmartLace™ front of the Mariska Synthetic Wig from the Jon Renau Wig Collection is sure to make you look gorgeous no matter what color you choose. The chocolate cherry color is a favorite because it really delivers the message of boldness and confidence for any woman who chooses it. The short pixie cut style of the Mariska wig is complemented well by the burst of cherry red color amid dark chocolate brown. The blend of color speaks volumes that a woman in charge has entered the room and is looking her very best. 

The Julianne Wig in Shaded Praline 

We live for a blonde beauty whose hair is effortless, carefree, and full of texture. Any woman wearing Jon Renau’s Julianne Petite Synthetic Wig is sure to become the center of attention if she takes on the fun loving and fierce personality this wig would suggest. We love the Julianne wig in shaded praline because it looks like real hair at the cost of being a synthetically fabricated wig. No one will tell the difference, though, as the realistic-looking embedded roots perfectly blend with the golden blond waves of this wig. 

Pick Your Style with Jon Renau Wigs 

Not all wig designers are cognizant of offering a wealth of wig choices in different lengths and styles, but Jon Renau wigs have a variety of choices from very short, sassy pixie cuts to extra long flowing waves and everything in between. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of our current favorite style choices from the Jon Renau Wig Collection.  

The Rita Short and Wavy Wig 

The Rita Synthetic Wig from the Jon Renau Wig Collection is a shining example of why Jon Renau’s wigs are head and shoulders above many competitors. Oftentimes, wig designers have one or two short hairstyle wigs, offering the same shape as though all women with short hair wear their hair the same. The Rita wig stands out due to its thick, full, wavy texture. A mono-front, basic-cap style made of fully synthetic hair is heat resistant, meaning it can be curled or straightened to vary your look from day to day. Part of the Jon Renau wig HD Collection, the Rita wig is modern, soft, and natural looking– all things we can be grateful for when wig shopping

The Cameron Mid-Length and Straight Wig

The effortless beauty of the Jon Renau Wig Collection’s Cameron Synthetic Wig offers a timeless everyday style paired with versatility. The Cameron wig can be swept up into a bun, pinned back away from the face, or allowed to naturally drape and frame the face, offering a lot of potential to switch your lookup depending on where you’re going. We love how the ends of the synthetic hair fall right above the shoulders, while still offering some length to work with. It’s the freshly cut-looking layers that really make the Cameron wig one of our favorites.  

The Sarah Long and Wavy Wig 

The lace front and full mono cap style of the Sarah Large Synthetic Wig from the Jon Renau Wig Collection allows this wig to look perfectly natural against the hairline. Nobody will be able to tell you are wearing synthetic hair when you wear the Sarah wig– in fact, don’t be surprised if you get asked for the name of your hairstylist! The long tendrils of curls fall 13” down the back, and are cut into layers to frame the face naturally. The Sarah wig is great for women looking for a little bit more curl than what most wavy-style wigs have to offer. 

Shop the Jon Renau Wig Collection at Women’s Wig Shop

Not sure these Jon Renau wigs are what you are looking for? Don’t worry, we carry a full Jon Renau Wig Collection along with collections from other wig brands and designers to fit the aesthetic and personality of all women. 

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