WWhether as a fashion trend or for medical reasons, a wig has many benefits. Not only are wigs easy to install, but they also provide limitless possibilities to style your hair. Whether you want to make a risky trim or try a new hair color, everything becomes easy with a wig!

If you have invested in a wig, you should also know how to wash it. A wig won’t look its best unless it is clean. Regular washing and care will also ensure your wig has a long life. 

But what’s the right way to wash a wig? How often should you be cleaning it? Should you use regular shampoo? Women’s Wig Shop is here to walk you through the proper process of washing a wig!

How Often Should I Wash My Wig?

Before embarking upon the process of washing your wig, this is a fundamental question that needs to be answered. The answer to this question, however, is dependent upon several factors. These include your lifestyle, how often you wear your wig, what kind of products you apply to it, and whether you’ve been around strong odors.Joel VanStaalduinen

If you’ve been exposed to strong odors, smoke, or perfume, you will find that your wig needs washing often. Similarly, if you frequently apply a lot of products to your wig, you might need to put in that extra wash.

As a general rule, you should wash your wig once every 2 weeks. This will ensure your wig stays clean, healthy, and looks glamorous!

The Process of Washing a Wig

Detangle The Strands

You won’t be able to properly wash your wig unless it has been detangled. You need access to each and every strand in the wig, in order to clean it properly. A messy bundle won’t allow you to do that.

Use a wide-toothed comb to carefully detangle your wig. Start at the ends, and comb your way up to the roots. If you find that the wig is heavily tangled and combing is difficult, spray a bit of hair detangler to make the process easier.

Once the wig is smooth and you can run a comb through it without any hurdles, you’re good to go!

Soak in Warm Water

The next step is to soak your wig in warm water. The right temperature is extremely crucial in washing your wig. Cold water won’t properly cleanse the hair. By using warm water, you risk making your wig dry. It is best to use lukewarm water to ensure the wig is not damaged and properly cleaned.

Once you soak the wig in water, make sure it is thoroughly rinsed before you move on to the next step.

Wash With Shampoo

Now comes the most important part: washing! This step isn’t too different from how you would wash your natural hair. Use a wig shampoo to gently remove dirt, oil, and debris from your wet wig. Once you’ve carefully shampooed, rinse again with lukewarm water.

Apply Condition

You can’t finish washing a wig without using conditioner! A wig conditioner will ensure your wig regains its original pattern and shine. The nourishing formula of a conditioner provides weightless conditioning to maximize the beauty of your style. Gently work through the solution with your fingers, making sure to not miss the ends of the wig.

Final Rinse

Now that you have applied shampoo and conditioner to your wig, it is time for a final rinse. Rinsing thoroughly and properly is important to ensure that no product gets left behind in the wig. This time, use cold water to make sure all of the product is carefully washed out.

Dry It Out

You’ve now gone through the process of washing your wig. However, if you don’t dry it properly, you risk wasting all the effort you’ve put into washing it. Letting excess water sit in the wig could potentially weigh down its strands and ruin its texture. 

Refrain from using a blow dryer to dry your wig. Simply lay it out on a clean towel and let it air dry. You can also use a wig stand to make sure it dries off thoroughly. 

Interested in Purchasing a Wig?

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