While the ringing in of 2023 has a lot of people feeling like it’s time for “new me, new look” energy, as a regular wearer of wigs you know that the luxury of updating and reinventing your look does not have to be limited to a certain time of year. 

Our Raleigh-based women’s wig company offers collections of both synthetic and human hair wig choices of all different lengths, styles, and colors. Whether you are shopping for short wigs, long wigs, curly wigs, wigs with bangs, or wig add-ons, we are your source for an extensive collection of high-quality wigs in North Carolina and beyond. 

Check out these 5 wig styles and wig recommendations from the Women’s Wig Shop collection that are on trend to be great looks all year long. 

#1 - Layered Wigs

Layered hair is a great style for versatility in achieving a variety of looks. Layered wigs are great when you want to have a look that is voluminous, but easy to manage. Wigs that are layered offer shape, are all about texture and can be short, medium, or long cut. The layered effect is achieved by having longer and shorter layers of hair that give the effect of a full head of hair with length. 

Avalon Synthetic Wig by Estetica 

A free-flowing, natural looking, everyday-style wig, the Avalon by Estetica is made of quality synthetic materials and offered in colors from all shades of brown, black, red, blonde, and grey. Touching right below the shoulders, the Avalon wig is a basic cap, lace front wig that is perfect for a night out with the girls or a day at the office.

High Octane Synthetic Wig by Raquel Welch

In the Fall of 2022, actress Raquel Welch introduced her new collection of women’s wigs, which includes the synthetic High Octane by Raquel Welch. This long hairstyle wig falls below the shoulders and offers the perfect textured look due to the long, layered waves. The lace-front, full mono cap wig offers volume and sex appeal, making for a great style wig for date nights or any occasion you are wanting to look your best. 

Compliment Synthetic Wig by Estetica

The Compliment by Estetica women’s wig is an above-the-shoulder mid-length wig whose beautiful layers of fullness will earn you tons of compliments as its name suggests. A current trend in short hairstyles is a shaggy, multi-layered look that communicates ease. The Compliment synthetic wig is made of a pure stretch basic style cap, and it’s design details include natural looking highlights that are sure to impress. 

#2 - Center Part Wigs

Center parts right down the middle of the hair are great styles for women with round, oval, diamond, and heart-shaped faces. Whether left down or brought up in a ponytail or bun, the stark middle part of these wigs adds to their fresh, vibrant, and on-trend appeal. 

Tatum Synthetic Wig by Amore 

With a modern fringe texture and center part, any woman wearing the Tatum by Amore wig won’t go unnoticed for her style. This full-mono cap, mid-length, pin-straight wig offers the appeal of natural highlights, whether you opt for a lighter blonde in the color Harvest Gold or a darker shade like their Iced Mocha or Ginger Brown shades. 

Gwyneth Human Hair Wig by Jon Renau 

The gorgeous and luxurious layers of the Gwyneth by Jon Renau wig are made out of volumes of human-sourced hair that can be styled in a variety of ways. The center part is only one of the appeals of this beautifully diverse women’s wig. Straight, and falling right at the shoulders this wig can be worn for any event and is worth the investment for its versatility. 

Sutton Synthetic Wig by Estetica

When it comes to a very wearable middle-part women’s wig, we love the Sutton by Estetica. The blunt cut “lob,” or long-bob cut wig, is sleek and modern and falls right above the shoulders. From Estetica’s High Society collection of polished and elegant wigs, you will be looking your very best whenever you wear this lace-front mono-cap wig. 

#3 - Wigs with Bangs

Bangs are back, and women looking for some great style wig choices can choose from Women’s Wig Shop’s stunning array of wigs with bangs– available in short, long, and mid-length styles and a rich variety of colors. 

Lea Remy Human Hair Wig by Jon Renau

Lea Remy by Jon Renau is a human hair wig whose long length and blunt-cut bangs are sure to turn heads. The full mono cap, hand-tied wig is made of human hair that is designed to hold up to heat styling of all kinds. If you want to transform the wig from straight to curly and back again, this wig can adapt to whatever style whim consumes you. The bangs can be styled to the side or downward, falling right above brow level, making for the perfect wig to suit the lifestyle of a woman with many places to go. 

Kelly Synthetic Wig by Henry Margu

The Kelly by Henry Margu wig is designed for average and petite-sized heads in need of a stylish, soft, face-framing bob. The mono cap fit uses sheer mesh and a transparent base so that it blends easily with your natural hairline, making it unnoticeable to others. With the capability of being styled down the center or to either side, this wig offers a lot of versatility that not all short-haired looks can achieve. 

#4 - Pixie Cut Wigs

Pixie cuts are on trend this season, with modern pixies being short all around but fuller at the top of the head. Pixie styles are great for women of all ages, all face shapes and all beauty aesthetics. Pixie cuts are a great choice for busy women who do not have a lot of time to dedicate to styling their wigs and want an easy, refreshed, modern look. 

Pixie Synthetic Wig by Tony of Beverly

The rich color varieties of the wavy Pixie by Tony of Beverly wig are one of the selling points of this wig. Whether you choose to be a pixie redhead, blonde, or brunette or you opt for a pixie wig in grey, this wig choice will communicate to onlookers that you are filled with confidence and have a keen eye-for-style. 

Zoe Synthetic Wig by Rene of Paris

The retro-throwback look that mirrors 70’s supermodel Twiggy’s signature short pixie-styled cut, the Zoe by Rene of Paris wig offers the look of multiple fringed layers and natural-looking highlights. With just the right amount of fullness at the top and sprigs of soft bangs, this wig will never go out of style. 

Winner Synthetic Wig by Raquel Welch 

While the actress was known for her long, layered locks during her rise to stardom in the 70s, these razor-cut textured layers of Winner by Raquel Welch really call back to her signature locks from her later years of fame. The pixie cut wig offers the look of effortlessly, timeless beauty.

#5 - Curly Haired Wigs

It’s no surprise that curly locks are always going to be a hit. Investing in a curly-haired wig is one way to always stay on trend, whether long, short, or medium-length styles, curls can be either tightly formed or loose flowing, making them a fun choice when wig shopping. 

Knockout Human Hair Wig by Raquel Welch 

The Knockout by Raquel Welch wig is made of long strands of human hair styled with large-barreled curlers to create the beautiful and classic bombshell waves that make it a “knockout.” With a sheer lined front for discretion, this mono-capped wig is made from the highest quality human hair that will cascade down the shoulders in abundance. 

Curl Appeal Synthetic Wig by Gabor

For women who still want to go for a dramatic look but prefer a shorter lengthed wig, the Curl Appeal by Gabor is a perfect choice. With full, gorgeous, smooth spirals of tightly coiled curls, this wig is soft, lightweight, and full of personality. 

Felicia Synthetic Wig by Henry Margu 

The synthetic, basic cap wig Felicia by Henry Margu makes for a great everyday wig for all women. With natural-looking, face-framing curls and waves, this wig is flattering for all face shapes. Made from a cap of thinly stretched, elastic lace, the Felicia wig offers great ventilation for easy, breathable wear. 

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